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The BFH 1000 is the most advanced diagnostic wheel balancing system in the industry. Our BFH 1000 has one of the fastest floor-to-floor times in the industry, and provides advanced diagnostics, such as Radial Runout, Wheel-Only Runout, Tread Depth Laser Detection and much more.

Virtual Plane Imaging (VPI) measurements & laser imaging captures the profile of the wheel and compares the information to specifications. Within 6 seconds we are able to identify any imbalances and locate the optimal clip-on weight location.

radial runout

Results indicate the need for tire-to-wheel matching to help improve your ride quality.

Automatic Spoke I.D

Spokes are counted so that tape weights can be placed behind your wheels as needed.

wheel-only runout

Performs runout at the bead seat for diagnosis of wheel-only problems.

tread depth detection

A pass/fail graphic displays whether your tread depth is above or below preset height.