connecticut wheel straightening

Rims become bent every day by impacts, typically caused by potholes or road damage.

We use our own technology, customized tools and skill to straighten aluminum alloy, magnesium or steel rims to factory specifications. Our process is both an art and a science, requiring literally hundreds of hours of training before a straightener is qualified to work on your wheels.

Our wheel straightening process is superior in several ways; methods that do not use heat, such as "cold roller" technology, typically leave the affected area weaker than before, while our technology has a metallurgical effect on the alloy that is similar to forging steel, strengthening the affected area slightly.

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Connecticut Wheel Repair offers services for all luxury and performance alloy wheels. Call us today for a quote on your specific wheel repair needs.

With more than 10 years experience in the Wheel Repair business, Connecticut Wheel Repair strives to offer the best and most affordable wheel repair, wheel straightening, wheel chroming, and custom wheel refinishing services in the state.

We pride ourselves on absolute customer satisfaction, and expect nothing less than perfection from every wheel repair or custom wheel refinishing job that comes into our shop.


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